All facets of multi-layered pleasure.

Puff Dessert

Choose your sweet couple from the variety of puff desserts

In the popular line of puff desserts with a light and crunchy structure and a wide variety of flavours, everyone will find themselves a sweet pair.

Discover the secret of the perfect taste!

Special types of our puff desserts with special ingredients and natural fillings, whole fruits and berries, as well as and ideal puff pastry with a structure of 384 layers, that gives lightness and crispness to our products.

And Yes, all of this is made without yeast.
Layered structure reaches 384 layers!!!

Passion for Dough

We make this for those, who cannot live without fragrant baked desserts.

No Preservatives and Artificial dyes

Only water, flour and butter!
And Natural Ingredients.

In Simplicity

384 layers of dough - Uncover the secrets of the perfect taste - layer after layer.