Refined taste for subtle natures!

«Without sugar»

No only delicious, but also healthy

A healthy and natural dessert will be appreciated by those who look after their figure and prefer unsweetened taste. The layered dessert contains only healthy and perfectly selected ingredients, including cereals, and not a gram of sugar.

Puff dessert with carrot

In this popular layered dessert we added carrots - to make in not only delicious, but also as healthy as possible.
Carrot - a natural antioxidant, source of carotene, micro and macro elements, groups of essential vitamins.

Puff dessert with cereals

Cereals - Source of fibre and the correct carbohydrates. Much more healthier with specially picked out ingredients, that make up a perfect puff dessert.

Puff rye dessert with flakes

How about a healthy breakfast or a light snack? We will be happy to help you start your day right with perfectly selected ingredients, carefully collected in this healthy rye dessert. Seeds, dried vegetables, spices and no gram of sugar.

With Love

... because, first of all, everything we do - we do with incredible hard work and great love.

No Preservatives and Artificial Dyes

Only Water, Flour and butter!
And Natural Ingredients.


No Sugar, No Subsitiues, only natural taste! This dessert will be appreciated by those, who look after their figure and prefers unsweetened taste.