Thin, Crisp

On Butter

The premium line in the world of pastry looks exactly like this

No cookie is more flagship then the Oatmeal cookie. We applied all our knowledge and many years of experience to create cookies that meet the highest quality and taste. Natural oatmeal cookies on butter in traditional soviet packaging.

Only natural ingredients

To create our products we carefully select each ingredient that undergoes strict control before they become part of our cookies.

Numerous tastings and honing of the production technology are carried out until the cookie becomes perfect.

A special feature of our production is compliance with all traditional stages of making oatmeal cookies and strict adherence to the classic recipe to achieve maximum taste and quality.

On Butter

In accordance with the production concept, only the best butter of natural origin in used for the best oatmeal cookie.


We use only natural chocolate in our outstanding cookies.

No Dyes
No Preservatives

In the making of the oatmeal cookies we carefully select natural and organic products, for everyone who chooses delicious, natural and healthy

  • Natural Composition
  • On Butter
  • Raisin bits
  • No Dyes No Preservatives
  • No GMO
  • Natural Vanillin