Delicious baked marzipan, made from selected almond, mashed and mixed with sugar syrup.


The best desert for the true

Outstanding baked marzipan from selected almonds, mashed and mixed with sugar syrup. This exquisite dessert in a convenient double packaging with a unique taste of Californian almonds will become a perfect pair for a cup of coffee, and also a great idea for a delicious present.

Perfect History

In 1904 the successful "sweet: history Lübecker GmbH began."Sweets for the Harem", as Thomas Mann called him. Today marzipan that we use is made according to the traditional recipe.

Real Marzipan

In Real marzipan, the basis of the recipe is crushed almonds which are responsible for the unique taste of the product.

Perfect Composition

Glucose Syrup
Egg Whites