Oatmeal Cookie

5 Cereals

Oatmeal cookie "5 Cereals", generously sprinkles with seeds and cereals, with the addition of raisins and nuts. One of the most healthy cookies on our line! Contains a rich vitamin and mineral composition and a great taste. Contains cereals: oats, wheat, flax and sesame seeds, rye flakes, barley flakes as well as peanuts and cinnamon. You will get maximum benefit from a typical treat. Comes in comfortable packaging.

On vegetable oil

Nutritional value

IDT 24901-2014

Expiration date: 6 month

Packaging: Colored polypropylene

Net Weight: 300 g.

Amount in the box: 11 pcs.

Barcode: 460700386 0653

Packaging: Corrugated box with an open top

Net Weight: 600 g.

Amount in the box: 6 pcs.

Barcode: 460700386 0615

Packaging: Corrugated box

Net Weight: 4kg./9kg.

Barcode: 460700386 0943 / 460700386 0035
Nutritional value in 100g Average
7,6 g
20,0 g
59,7 g
Energy value
449 ccal

wheat flour, sugar, refined deodorized vegetable oils, oat flakes, oat flour, roasted peanuts, raisins, drinking water, sesame, flax seeds, rye flakes, barley flakes, whole grain rice flour, salt, baking powder – sodium hydrocarbonate (baking soda), cinnamon, natural flavouring vanilla.