Art of Living

With Cereals

Oatmeal cookie "Art of Living" with cereals on maltitol. No sugar. Only natural sweetener maltitol, with the same taste on normal sugar. A Cookie with low glycemic index and polydextrose containing a rich source of dietary fiber.

Seeds and cereals in the cookie - wheat, oats, flax seeds, sesame seeds, rye, barley and rice infuse each cookie with natural vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional value

IDT 24901-2014

Expiration date: 6 months

Packaging: Colored polypropylene

Net Weight: 200 g.

Amount in the box: 16 pcs.

Barcode: 460700386 1872
Nutritional value in 100g Average
6,2 g
19,7 g
61,7 g
Energy value
419 ccal

premium wheat flour, maltitol sweetener, refined deodorized sunflower oil, drinking water, oat flour, oat flakes, raisins, polydextrose thickener, flax seeds, sesame, rye flakes, barley flakes, whole grain rice flour - sodium hydroxide ), edible salt, cinnamon, natural vanilla extract.